What is PipeGears?

PipeGears is a platform for building Web and REST API backends. It provides a visual interface to build powerful applications quickly and easily by snapping together prebuilt modules.

  • Create a REST API backend or Web backend quickly
  • No code or deployment to manage, just press start and it’s live in the cloud
  • Service based, with no software installation needed
  • Secured SSL endpoints are automatically provisioned
  • Connect to 3rd party APIs and social media
  • Send and receive email
  • Send and receive IOT data via MQTT
  • Connect to remote databases, including MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL
  • Run scheduled jobs at timed intervals

Dataflow Model

PipeGears provides a dataflow programming model that is intuitive and powerful. It provides a rich set of prebuilt components that can be combined together in an unlimited way to create powerful business logic.

PipeGears Flow Editor
Dataflow Model

No Coding Required

Creating a PipeGears application requires no coding. Every component is configured via simple form based interfaces and can be used by anyone with domain knowledge about the problem being solved.

Demo: Create a database driven REST API

Creating a simple REST API that fetches data from an SQL database and provides it in JSON format, then demonstrating how a frontend client would access it.

Watch an overview