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PipeGears is an intuitive and powerful lowcode platform for quickly building serverless integration and automation pipelines. Our easytouse visual interface allows you to quickly and easily connect and synchronize disparate systems, feed data into dashboards and analytics, and build powerful stateful business logic that integrates with cloud services. Get up and running quickly with our free trial!

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Data integration platforms are the gateway to unlocking the potential of bestofbreed ecosystems. By streamlining data flow between different business systems, they enable organizations to unlock the power of integrated systems and benefit from increased efficiency, scalability and cost savings. With a data integration platforms like PipeGears, businesses can more readily integrate their existing systems into larger and more sophisticated ecosystems, allowing them to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Increase team productivity

Streamline your business operations with integration pipelines - say goodbye to manual and error-prone processes!

Enable best of breed strategy

Harness the power of best of breed technology to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation!

Accelerate your business

Unlock the power of a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective business – maximizing your competitive advantage.

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Integrate and Automate

With PipeGears you can build serverless integration and automation flows for any cloud service, API or business system.  It allows you to create webhooks that receive information from any service and trigger an automation flow. For example, to query a database, send an email, post to social media, or create a task in your project management software.

Run Scheduled Jobs

You can create scheduled jobs that run exactly at the times you want, at up to one minute intervals. Or at business-centric times, like the first Monday of every month. Create complex integrations that branch into multiple conditional flows.

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PipeGears Serverless Integration and Automation Flow 6

Orchestrate Serverless Functions

PipeGears lets you integrate your serverless code on AWS Lambda. It can trigger Lambda functions directly, without needing AWS API gateway. Execute Lambda functions sequentially or concurrently and integrate them into your automation flow. Or run your serverless code at scheduled intervals with a timer trigger or cron scheduler.

Write Your Own Custom Functions

Unlock the power of flexibility and take control of your application flows with the ability to write your own custom functions. With coding, you can create your own functions to fit your exact needs no more restrictive data integration platforms holding you back!

PipeGears Overview


  • Execute serverless functions to automate workflows and backend processes
  • Create webhooks for easy integration with any system
  • Schedule jobs to run at timed intervals to streamline processes
  • Integrate with third-party APIs, social media, and cloud services
  • Quickly and easily construct Slack bots and integrations
  • Enable integration and automation with microservices
  • Send and receive emails to incorporate into workflows
  • Exchange Internet of Things (IoT) data using MQTT protocol
  • Connect to external databases, including MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Snowflake
  • Create stateful applications using local key/value stores
  • Utilize custom-made or pre-built functional modules
  • Instant cloud deployment with single click start
  • Serverless integration – no hosting or server management required
  • Automated API endpoints with TLS/SSL security

Watch the demos

PipeGears applications are composed of application flows. This brief technical overview explains the key concepts.

PipeGears provides a dataflow programming model that is intuitive and powerful. This short demo shows how to build your first PipeGears application.

Creating a simple REST API that fetches data from an SQL database and provides it in JSON format, then demonstrating how a frontend client would access it.

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