Integrate and Automate your Business

PipeGears lets you build serverless integration and automation quickly by visually snapping together modules

PipeGears Serverless Integration and Automation Screenshot
PipeGears Serverless Integration and Automation Flow 1

Integrate and Automate

With PipeGears you can build serverless integration and automation flows for any cloud service, API or business system.  It allows you to create webhooks that receive information from any service and trigger an automation flow. For example, to query a database, send an email, post to social media, or create a task in your project management software.

Run Scheduled Jobs

You can create scheduled jobs that run exactly at the times you want, at up to one minute intervals. Or at business-centric times, like the first Monday of every month. It allows you to create complex integrations that branch into multiple conditional flows. And there are no limits on the number of triggers, steps, integration points or operations that you can perform.

PipeGears Serverless Integration and Automation Flow 3
PipeGears Serverless Integration and Automation Flow 6

Execute Serverless Functions

PipeGears lets you integrate your serverless code on AWS Lambda. It can trigger Lambda functions directly, without needing AWS API gateway. Execute Lambda functions sequentially or concurrently and integrate them into your automation flow. Or run your serverless code at scheduled intervals with a timer trigger or cron scheduler.


  • Create webhooks to integrate with any system
  • Run scheduled jobs at timed intervals to automate processes
  • Integrate with 3rd party APIs, social media and cloud services
  • Build Slack bots and integrations quickly and easily
  • Automate workflows and backend processes
  • Enable integration and automation with serverless microservices
  • Send and receive email
  • Send and receive IOT data via MQTT
  • Connect to remote databases, including MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Snowflake
  • No code to deploy, just press start and it’s live in the cloud
  • With serverless integration, you don’t have to worry about hosting or managing servers
  • Secured SSL endpoints are automatically provisioned
Watch a high level overview of PipeGears to learn how it can help your business.

PipeGears applications are composed of application flows. This brief technical overview explains the key concepts.


PipeGears provides a dataflow programming model that is intuitive and powerful. This short demo shows how to build your first PipeGears application.


Creating a simple REST API that fetches data from an SQL database and provides it in JSON format, then demonstrating how a frontend client would access it.

Increase team productivity

Build and deploy integration to eliminate manual and error prone processes.

Accelerate your core business

Create serverless backends quickly in house without writing any code

Lower cost of development

Test new integrations with minimal investment and without development costs

Increase the value of existing assets

Get more value from your existing investments by making them work together